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Welcome to the 35th annual Providence Hood To Coast Relay!

The Mother of All Relays!

DATES: August 26 - 27, 2016 
TOTAL TEAMS: 1,050 teams of 12 runners (min. 8)
RACE COURSE: Hood To Coast is 198 miles long. See Course Maps for more about the route
TOTAL PARTICIPANTS: The 2016 event will include 12,600 runners and 3,600 volunteers
ORIGIN: HTC began in 1982 with 8 teams and has filled the team cap on the opening day of registration for the last 18 years straight!
Recommended Packing List

Start Summary

HTC Start is located at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood (approx. 90 miles SE of Portland, Oregon)

  • Start waves begin at 5:00 a.m. on Friday morning and continue through 3:00 p.m.
  • It is strongly suggested to only bring one team vehicle to the start area
  • The 2nd vehicle should go directly to 'Exchange 6' to reduce congestion
  • Be aware of participants already on the course as you enter the Start area

Team Check-in Procedures

One representative from each team is required for check-in; does not need to be Team Captain

1)  Present team safety equipment for inspection at the Equipment Check-in area 20 min. prior to Start Time

  • Two (2) Reflective Vests
  • Two (2) LED Lights/Flashers
  • Two (2) Flashlights or Headlamps

2)  State your team number to Race Officials

3) Sign and turn in the Traffic Safety Agreement form ( last page in the handbook)

4)  Sign next to your team name on the official check-in sheet and receive your timing chip

Upon check-in, your team will be issued the current year Race Wrist Wrap. Without the Race Wrist Wrap and approval of Safety Equipment, teams will not be permitted to start.

Out-of-town teams
  • Receive race numbers, race shirts, wrist wrap, timing chip and vehicle identification signs at Start Check-in area
  • Arrive 45-60 mins in advance of team start time to collect necessary materials and check-in

Finish Summary

Located on the Beautiful Oregon Coast! 

Finishing as a Team

Teammates often cross the Finish Line with their "anchor" who is officially finishing the race. If your team chooses to do so, make sure:

  • Your Leg 36 "anchor" runner leads your team to the Finish Line
  • Listen for announcements of team members arriving near the finish
  • The Leg 36 runner will be the only one to remove the timing chip and be credited with an official finish. 


Need cash? Look for the ATM and signs on the beach!



12:45 pm to 3:45 pm: Brian O'Dell Band performs on the main stage
4:50 pm: Results of "Best Of" recognition and announcements
5:00 pm: Les Schwab Portland To Coast High School Challenge awards ceremony
5:15 pm: Sponsor Awards and Thank You To the City of Seaside
5:25 pm: Overall Providence Hood To Coast Relay winning team trophy presentation
5:30 pm: Providence Cancer Center announcement of fundraising results
5:40 pm: Providence Portland To Coast awards ceremony
6:45 pm: to 11:00 pm: Radical Revolution performs on Main Stage 


9:30 am: Hood To Coast Awards

Finish Entertainment Information:

The Brian O'Dell Band 12:45-3:45pm

Radical Revolution 6:45-11:00pm


Environmental Investment

The Mother of All Relays is also one of the Greenest!

The Hood To Coast and Portland To Coast Relays make a sustained effort to integrate policies and programs throughout its operations to minimize the environmental impact along the 198 mile course.

  • Plastic recycling receptacles at ALL Exchanges, as well as Start and Finish Areas! 
  • As a benefit to all participants, all handbooks are printed on post-consumer recycled paper.
  • Honored with RecycleWorks Award by The City of Portland for environmentally sustainable business practices.
  • Paperless online registration
  • Use of biodegradable plates/utensils at Finish Area Food Garden and catering.
  • All race bibs are recycle-friendly!
  • Donation of past season merchandise, race and volunteer shirts.

We challenge participants to engage in more environmentally connected and conscious actions to protect the beauty of the local Oregon terrain. HTC/PTC continues to strive to understand and offset the effects of participant activities, thus creating long-term environmental programs that benefit everyone.

Reduce Your “Footprint” during the Relay
  1. Use Rechargeable Batteries. Many remote areas of our course don’t have disposal facilities for all of your drained batteries, so travel with rechargeable ones and you’ll save money while keeping thousands of corrosive batteries out of Oregon landfills.
  2. Don't Pack Your "Packages". Limit the packaging you buy or bring, and take re-usable containers for things like toiletries and post-run snacks, rather than one-time travel size containers which just add to waste.
  3. Throw Away Properly! Please remember to not litter.  Every little piece adds up.  Use the designated blue top ClearStream recycling receptacles for all plastics!
  4. Use Biodegradable Products. Often available at camping or outdoor stores, biodegradable products make a big difference when traveling or accidentally left behind in the pristine Oregon Mountain and coastal forests.

  5. Bring A Reusable Water Bottle! Be sure to fill up your own bottle to reduce waste from plastic disposable bottles.  Did you know that 67% of all plastic water bottles are NOT recycled? Look for the plastic bottle recycling bins at ALL Exchanges, as well as the Start and Finish party! 

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