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DATES: August 24 - 25, 2018 
TOTAL TEAMS: 1,050 teams of 12 runners (min. 8)
RACE COURSE: Hood To Coast is 199 miles long. See Course Maps for more route info
TOTAL PARTICIPANTS: 12,600 runners and 3,600 volunteers
ORIGIN: HTC began in 1982 with 8 teams, and has filled the team cap for 26 straight years, and on opening day of registration for 19 years straight!

Recommended Packing List

The HTC Start is located at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood (65 miles east of downtown Portland)

  • Start waves are estimated to be 5:00 am - 3:00 pm

  • Van 1 goes to the Start Area

  • Van 2 goes to Exchange 6 

Team Check-in

One person from Van 1 goes to the Start Check-in Tent, one person from Van 2 goes to the Exchange 6 Check-in Tent (doesn't need to be the Team Captain):

1)  Present team safety equipment for inspection at the Check-in Tent equipment check-in area 20 min. prior to Start Time (Van 1) or upon arrival at Exchange 6 (Van 2):

  • One (1) Reflective Vest
  • Two (2) LED Lights/Flashers
  • One (1) Flashlight or Headlamp

2)  State your team number to Race Officials and sign in.

3) For Van 1/Start Area only: sign and turn in the Traffic Safety Agreement (last page in handbook)

4)  The timing chip is on the back of one race bib (to be worn by the Leg 36 participant only - issued at the Van 2/Exchange 6 Start Area).

Upon Van 1 Start Area check-in, your team will be issued the official 2018 Race Wrist Wrap. Without the Race Wrist Wrap and approval of Safety Equipment, a team will not be permitted to start.

After approval of functioning visibility equipment at Exchange 6,  Van 2 runners will receive their race bibs and the Leg 7 runner will be given a specific HTC approval sticker to be placed on their race number, to identify the team to Race Officials as being allowed to continue on the race course.

Out-of-Town Teams

  • Receive race numbers, race shirts, wrist wrap, and vehicle signs at the Start Check-in Area
  • Arrive 45 min in advance of team start time to collect necessary materials and check-in

Finishing as a Team

Teammates often cross the Finish Line with their "anchor" who is officially finishing the race. If your team chooses to do so, make sure:

  • Your Leg 36 "anchor" runner leads your team to the Finish Line
  • Listen for announcements of team members arriving near the finish
  • The Leg 36 runner will be the only one to remove the timing chip and be credited with an official finish. 
  • Awards are given to the top 4 teams in each category.

Finish Schedule


1:45 pm-4:45 pm: Brian O'Dell Band performs on Stage
5:15 pm: Sponsor Awards and Thank You to the City of Seaside
5:25 pm: Overall winning team trophy presentation for HTC and PTCW
5:30 pm: Providence Cancer Center overall fundraising results announcement!
6:45 pm-11:00 pm: Radical Revolution performs on Stage 


9:00 am: Portland To Coast Walk, PTC High School Challenge, & Hood To Coast Awards Ceremony (Main Finish Area Stage on Beach)


Team Suites 

Team suites are available at the beach Finish Party to celebrate with your teammates, family and friends.  They’re ideal as a private team gathering place, with a huge (custom built for HTC) beach pool for swimming (courtesy of Anderson Poolworks)! Suites also offer premium catered food, a private team suite bar area, fire pits and more. Space is limited, so reserve soon! Contact or call (503) 292-4626.


Hood to Coast Instagram

PHONE: 503-292-4626