The Hood to Coast TIMING & HANDBOOK APPS are available to download on Android & iOS.

HTC Timing/Race Info/Handbook App

The updated HTC Timing App is available for Android and iOS.

The HTC Timing app is available to download for iOS and Android. Thank you to all of our beta testers for helping make our first official Timing app that much better!

If you have any questions or feedback related to these apps, please email htc@thecyrkus.com.

Timing App F.A.Q.

Why does the timer keep saying "Acquiring Location..."?

There is a bug we are aware of which requires you to choose “Always Allow” when prompted for location access. Even though the app doesn’t always use your location when tracking a leg, this permission is required to allow the app to work correctly.

To fix this, please visit the “Timing” app settings in your phone’s Privacy > Location section of the Settings app.

Why are my teammates run/walk times not showing up in my app?

In order to get the most up to date information in your app, you need to pull down to refresh on any given screen.

How do you re-assign a leg to another team member?

Provided the Leg has been assigned to someone on your team in the Team Clubhouse prior to using the Timing app, then the Team Captain can re-assign that Leg to another team member in the Legs tab of the app. When logged in as the Captain, simply tap the Legs tab, then the leg you want to re-assign and it will show the runner currently assigned. The Captain then simply taps on the new runner in the list below.

If you start the timer, but then go and open say Spotify, will that mess it up?

No, you are free to hope around to other apps when using the Timing App. You can also switch to other tabs in the app while still keeping a timer going. The only thing to watch out for is tapping on the back arrow when on an active timer. You’ll get a warning message that your data will be lost.

Is there a way to sync data from one phone to another without cell reception?

There is no way to sync phone to phone in this first version of the Timing App. In future versions of the app we’ll be adding in this feature. Right now, the phone that takes down the timing leg data will upload that to the cloud and all phones of all team members with the app will get that update when you get to cell reception again.

Can a participant not running/walking a leg time another team member's leg?

Yes. A participant not running/walking a leg can track another member’s time using the app. This comes in handy when a team member doesn’t want to run/walk their leg with a phone. In this case, the team member timing the teammate simply taps on the leg in the timing tab and starts the timing. The app will know that they are not the person assigned to the leg and will start a modified timer that tracks time, but not GPS. That leg will then be recorded and the team time charts will be updated.

Can you manually enter a runner/walker time in the app?

Yes. This is done in the Team tab by simply tapping on the team member assigned to the leg and editing the leg entry.

How does timing work in the app? How are the timesheets calculated?

The app is fairly intelligent in how it calculates times. What it does first is take each individual’s stated pace as recorded in the Clubhouse. Your team’s starting time is calculated using this initial data so it’s locked down before race day.

The app then takes all those individual paces and calculates anticipated start and finish times for the entire team. If you tap on the team tab prior to race start you’ll see all of those times down to the finish for each leg.

As new data becomes available, the App recalculates the table in real time based on that new data. New leg data is made available in one of three ways:

1. By an assigned runner actually timing his/her leg on their phone using the Timing app.

2. Another team mate with the app times that leg on behalf of the assigned runner using the Timing app.

3. A leg’s times are manually entered into the Team tab time sheets under the assigned runner by anyone on the team logged into the Timing app.

As each Leg is entered, in one of those three ways, the app continuously updates the Team and Timing tables with factoring in that new Leg data, thereby improving the anticipated finish time accuracy as the race goes on.

At any time, you can skip ahead to a leg in the future and enter your own predicted times to see what that will do to the overall time charts. However, keep in mind that once a leg’s data is entered in and saved, it can only be edited, but that leg can no longer be timed. So if you want to actually time a leg, do not input data into the Team timing chart until the leg has been run.

I'm a van driver, how can I access the app?

Van drivers can access the app by using a runner/walker’s Clubhouse Login.

The app connects to the HTC Clubhouse and uses the same user accounts as it does. Unfortunately, the clubhouse does not currently support or include logins for van drivers. However, there is no reason you couldn’t use another user’s login to access the app. The sam user can login on multiple devices without an issue.

In addition, we suggest that van drivers use their captain’s login since captains also have the ability to reassign members to different legs if needed.

Features of the HTC Timing App



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