Participants receive two (2) in-color official handbooks per team at Packet Pick-up, (or if out-of-town, when they pick up their packet on race day).

Handbooks are NOT mailed.

In the meantime, you can view, download, and print the handbook here!

2019 Handbook Available Now!


The handbook includes:

  • Important dates
  • Team categories
  • Pre-race Schedule and Packet Pickup
  • Race Rules
  • Start and Finish Instructions
  • Finish Map, Travel, Accommodations
  • On The Course: Safety/Medical Info
  • Drivers Guide
  • Seaside Parking/Shuttle Guide
  • Course Ratings
  • Maps for Legs 13-36
  • 2018 Results
  • Safety Equipment
  • Volunteers/Training
  • Traffic Safety Agreement

Rules (Penalty)


Race bibs must be worn at all times and the Wrist Wrap must be carried/worn at all times throughout the race. The race bib with the timing chip on the back must be worn by the Leg 36 racer. Racers emergency contact info MUST be completed on the back of their bib.

From 6:00pm – 7:00am, all participants on the course must:

  • wear one front and one back LED flasher
  • carry flashlight, or wear headlamp or hat headlight
  • wear reflective vest (this must be worn until 9:00am)

All safety equipment must be presented at the Start Check-In Tent. Participants will be
held at an exchange and not allowed to participate without the proper equipment.

Providence is providing each team with two LED flashers in their bag at Packet Pickup!

Audio amplification devices worn outside the ear are accepted.

  • Headphones/buds or any other music devices in the ear are NOT allowed.
  • Participants must still be able to hear instructions and general traffic noises.
  • If a Volunteer or Race Official deems the music too loud, the participant must turn down the volume immediately.

See below for example of approved outside the ear headphones.


No stopping, when vehicles are moving, to drop off a runner/walker. This quickly causes congestion. No parking/dropping off teammates is permitted within 500 ft of an exchange! Vans must obey all exchange signage and issued parking instructions.

No vehicles will be allowed to follow behind participants. Keep it moving!

No parking is allowed along the road within 500 feet prior to an exchange. Parking is allowed in designated areas only after the exchange point marker. Please park off the road as far as possible, watch for participants, and stay alert to other traffic.

Teams are provided with two white and two red signs for course vehicles. Teams must display signs in the front and back rear windows of the van (White-Van 1, Red-Van 2).

Team vehicles must not exceed 80” wide or 23’ 0” long. Vehicles must be equipped with seat belts for all passengers. No motor homes, buses, or limos allowed. Two (2) team vehicles are permitted on course. On Legs 19-23 and 32-36 only one team vehicle is permitted on the Relay route; the other vehicle must use the alternate handbook routes shown. Van decorations may not include overly suggestive or foul language.


Any conduct deemed unsafe or unsportsmanlike by Race Officials will not be tolerated. Quiet hours are to be observed from 10:00pm – 6:00am. No loud noise, music, or yelling during quiet hours. No van decorations or team costumes that are overtly suggestive, sexual, or that contain foul language.

Course volunteers, O.D.O.T. and traffic safety officials at exchanges are considered Race Officials. They have authority to disqualify a team (60 min. penalty minumum) for rule violations, abusive behavior, or failure to follow instructions given by volunteers.

ANY participant or volunteer (seen by race officials or reported by two or more teams) with open alcoholic containers, marijuana or other drugs on the course will be disqualified. Depending on severity, team members may be banned from subsequent year’s participation as well. Save the party for the finish!

No bicycles or dogs are allowed to accompany participants on the race course.

Participants may only use designated areas to sleep (roped off with caution tape). Tents are allowed at Exch 18 and Exch 24. Sleeping field at Exch 30, but no tents. NO sleeping on the ground next to vehicle or in undesignated sleeping areas.

Participants who are reported to have littered, urinated, or defecated on private property will immediately be disqualified. Please use good judgment and be considerate of property owners along the course. Portable toilets and ample garbage containers are provided at each exchange point.


All teams are to rotate their team members in the same sequence throughout the race, not consecutively in a row. (For example, if a participant begins on Leg 2, he/she must stay in the number 2 position throughout the race. The participant would then rotate to Leg 14 and Leg 26. This sequence should continue unless a teammate has dropped out).

If a runner/walker on a Mixed Division team becomes injured and drops out during a leg, the injured runner/walker must be replaced with the next team member in rotation of the same gender.  (See Handbook for additional details and examples.)

If a team member drops out due to injury or illness during a leg, only the next runner or walker in rotation can take the wrist wrap and continue, (but only to the next exchange point). The next person in rotation can only finish the unfinished portion of the previous leg and go no further. A handoff must occur at the exchange point to the next participant in rotation. No more than one substitution in one leg is allowed. (See Handbook for additional details and examples.)

Participants are to travel along the left shoulder of the roadway at all times, unless officially instructed otherwise (1-7 & 14-16).

Teams that start the race early or finish over 2.5 hours faster than their anticipated finish time risk being disqualified and all teammates may be banned from future participation.

Local teams responsible for ensuring all of their volunteers show up at the appointed time, to their assigned job and fulfill the tasks required. If a volunteer cannot report to duty, it is up to the Team Captain to find an alternate volunteer and make sure they report to the appointed job site. Failure of a volunteer assignment to be fulfilled will result in team DQ.

Teams who violate their start time and begin the race at any other start wave will be disqualified.



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