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  • Over $700,000 funded to help patient advocacy, and R&D with the Providence Cancer Center!
  • HTC launches international inaugural Hood To Coast China and Hood To Coast Israel, as well as NW area HTC Washington!
  • First time in 36 year history – water stops were added to all legs of 6 miles or more along 199 mile course.
  • Portland To Coast High School Challenge Relay turns 20!

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  • An incredible relay weekend, with over $600,000 raised for the Providence Cancer Center to help cancer research and patient programs.
  • Celebrities like Kevin Hart had a blast participating!
  • Partnership announced with Yao Ming’s Starz Sports to produce the first international H2C China!
  • Bowerman Track Club again dominates with 5:23 pace for almost 200 miles!

Finish line team photography provided by Antonio Harris – antonioharris.com

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  • The event again sold out on Opening Day of Registration for the 18th straight year, with teams from 37 countries and all 50 states.
  • Year of the epic storm. Gale force winds and rain didn’t stop the Mother of All Relays finishers! Unfortunately the beach party wasn’t possible, but spirits still ran high with such a sense of accomplishment and amazing memories!
  • Over $550,000 raised for Providence Cancer Center #FINISHCANCER!
  • Nike Bowerman Track Club Men’s team ruled, even through the unforgettable windstorm, averaging 5:32 pace to win HTC!

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In 2014…

  • The event again sold out on Opening Day of Registration, with teams from 36 countries and all 50 states
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods unveils Sleeping Village with complimentary tents set up at Exchange 24, embraced and back by popular demand for 2015
  • Over $505,000 raised for Providence Cancer Center #FINISHCANCER!
  • The Nike Bowerman Athletic Club Men’s team dominates with 5:18 pace for 199 miles to win HTC!

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In 2013…

  • Over $800,000 was fundraised for Providence and cancer research programs!
  • The beach Finish Party unveils a newly redesigned layout!
  • The event again sells out on opening day of registration, with thousands of teams unfortunately turned away
  • The Nike Bowerman Athletic Club comes back to dominate and win HTC!
  • HTC announces its partnership with the Better Series races
  •  32nd annual Hood To Coast Relay

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In 2012…

  • A record $635,000 was fundraised for the American Cancer Society!
  • 31st annual Hood To Coast Relay
  • Toyo University team flies in from Japan to win HTC!
  • 1,050 HTC teams, 400 PTC Walk teams, 50 High School teams
  • 502 Honey Bucket porta-potties
  • KOIN channel 6 announces the Saturday awards ceremony for the first time

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In 2011…

  • 30th Anniversary of The Mother of All Relays…fireworks on the beach!
  • ‘Hood To Coast’ movie is released for nationwide release to rave reviews.
  • Record $517,000 fundraised to support the American Cancer Society!
  • 1,250 HTC teams, 400 PTC Walk teams, 50 High School Challenge teams
  • 4,100 race volunteers
  • An estimated two billion people watch the wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey.
  • The world’s first artificial organ transplant is achieved.

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In 2010…

  • $500,000 fundraised for the American Cancer Society!
  • 20th anniversary PTC Walk Relay.
  • 1,000 HTC teams, 400 PTC Walk teams, 50 High School teams
  • 482 Honey Bucket porta-potties.
  • Three HTC course records & five PTC Walk course records set!
  • World Cup hosted in South Africa – Spain wins

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In 2009…

  • Hood To Coast maintains itself as the largest running relay in the world.
  • $360,000 fundraised by participants, sponsors and race for the American Cancer Society becoming second largest road race fundraiser in the nation!
  • 1,000 HTC teams, 400 PTC Walk teams, 50 High School Challenge teams
  • Women’s Walking course record broken by ‘Six Pistols’ (21:45:37, or 10:27 walking pace).
  • Best Picture Oscar winner ‘Slumdog Millionaire’
  • Billboard #1 song: I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas

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In 2008…

  • Documentary of the epic Hood To Coast and four teams is filmed by a crew of 180 during the race.
  • New Record, $290,000 fundraised by participants, sponsors, race for American Cancer Society.
  • Sustainability and recycling program implemented.
  • 1,000 HTC teams, 400 PTC Walk teams, 50 High School Challenge teams
  • Corporate Men’s Open record shattered, by Bowerman AC (16:58:30, or 5:17 pace per mile).
  • Summer Olympics in Beijing, China
  • US Presidential Election
  • Billboard #1 song:  Disturbia by Rihanna

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