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Questions? Email office@htcrelay.com

Each participant will sign the waiver online when they first signup on the Team Clubhouse via the link in their invitation email. This is an electronic signature (typing in your full name) at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: If you’re trying to login and get a message about signing the waiver, please check your email and access the site from the link in your email invitation.

1) Login to the Team Clubhouse
2) Click on ‘My Account’
3) Enter your new password into the ‘Password:” field and click Submit

Each team consists of six (6) to twelve (12) members.

1) Current Captain must log into Team Clubhouse
2) Click on ‘Captain Tools’ and over to Change Team Captain
3) Select the team member you would like as captain and click on the green thumbs up

NOTE: Once the role of Captain has been transferred, the former Captain will no longer be able to invite/remove team members, edit team info, etc.

Yes, the team captain can log in to the Team Clubhouse and go to “Captains Tools” and then over to “Change Team Name” (blue box).

The Race Finish Time Survey was created to help participants determine what they can expect to race during this year’s relays. To complete the survey:

1) Login to the Team Clubhouse
2) Click on My Account
3) Tab over to Race Finish Time
4) Answer the short survey, entering your time from a race or all out time trial. (No Relay Races Allowed)


Log In to your Team Clubhouse account at https://register.hoodtocoast.com

Under the “My Team” area. there is a tab to invite your volunteers. Volunteers will be able to register at 8am on July 11th using the link that is e-mailed to them.

The ‘Invite Volunteer’ button will appear on July 10th – Aug 8th for captains on the Team Clubhouse. It will not appear before this date.

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AFT or a team’s Anticipated Finish Time is calculated using data from the Race Finish Time Survey filled out by each team member. Data is analyzed and checked before entering the seeding model. New start times, traffic patterns and team distributions create a AFT for your team.

Known as the Mother of All Relays, the Portland To Coast Walk Relay annually caps shortly after registration opens in early October, with 400 walk teams. Hood To Coast hosts a capped team limit for the past 28 years, and has filled on “Opening Day” of registration for 21 straight years with 1,050 teams. The Hood To Coast & Portland To Coast Walk Relays are the largest running and walking relays in the world!

Yes! We help support the cause in helping to find a cure for cancer through the world renowned Providence Cancer Institute. You and your teammates will help fund the latest technological research in cancer treatments and patient care programs. Get started fundraising! Last year’s race helped to raise over $850,000 to help find a cure! #FINISHCANCER

For more info email morgan@htcrelay.com

The Team Category will update automatically on the ‘Team Roster’ page as team members register.

For out of town teams and teams that did not pick up their race bags at Packet Pickup, bags will be available at the Start Lines only.


DATE: Saturday, August 11

ADDRESS: 1844 SW Morrison St, Portland Oregon 97205

PARKING: Take the MAX, Parking will be a commodity

TIME: 8:00AM-1:00PM

Bags/Packets include:

  • Technical Fabric Men’s and Women’s Size Race Shirts
  • Race Bib Numbers and Van Signs
  • Start Times
  • Goodies from sponsors!

Pre-assigned disposable timing chips will be issued at the start lines.

The finish line for the race is on the sandy beach of the beautiful Oregon Coast. 2018 will be sure to showcase another fantastic party!

Each Leg ranges in distance from 3.48 to 7.72 miles. Legs vary in difficulty, from easy to very hard, due to the varying Oregon terrain.

At the Portland Running Company Merchandise Tent at the Finish Party, teams can pick up additional shirts as well as swap sizes still available.

Start waves begin at 3:00 a.m. on Friday morning and continue through 8:30 a.m.

The PTC Start is at the Eastbank Festival Plaza, located just north of the east side of the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland. Nearest address is: 20 SE Madison St, Portland, OR 97214. (Parking will be in designated lots at SE Salmon/Water/Taylor and at SE Main/Water/Madison). 2018 will mark the 28th annual event!

The race spans 129 miles, from Portland to the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean in Seaside, Oregon.

The race consists of thirty-six (24) Legs. Each runner is required to complete two (2) of the 36. Course Maps


We encourage teams to print one “CAUTION” sign for each van and tape it to the outside to remind other drivers to be cautious.

  • Teams or participants found sleeping in un-designated sleeping areas (such as exchange parking) MUST move to one of the designated sleeping areas (Exchange 18, Exchange 24, and Exchange 30) or risk being disqualified!


  • Participants are allowed to use small tents in designated sleeping fields -except Exchange 30 (no tents)!


  • If participants do not agree to move to a designated sleeping area (roped off with stakes and caution/surveyor’s tape), they will be disqualified from the race.  This is a safety issue of high importance.

From 6:00pm through 7:00, walkers while participating must:

Wear a reflective vest (through 9am for reflective vest only)

Carry a flashlight (headlight or similar)

Wear one front and one back LED flasher.

Teammates/support personnel are highly recommended to wear a reflective vest and LED flasher (when not inside the race vehicle), on the course or at any exchange, from 6pm – 9am.

All participants are encouraged to wear high visibility colors on Legs 19-35, during all hours.

Audio amplification devices worn outside the ear are accepted. Examples: 

  • Headphones/buds or any other music devices in the ear ARE NOT allowed.
  • Participants must still be able to hear instructions and general traffic noises.
  • If a Volunteer or Race Official deems the music too loud, the participant must turn down the volume immediately, failure to comply will result in team disqualification.
  • The race hires 20 personnel to patrol all of Springwater Trail (Legs 9, 10, 11, 12) from 7:00pm – last runner. 
  • Look for them with Race Official volunteer shirts, reflective vest, event radios, LED lights and headlamps.
  • Oregon State Law (Section 154 of 23 U.S.C.) states that no open containers of alcohol are permitted within vehicles.
  • Police strongly enforce this law on course. Race Officials will disqualify (and may ban participants/teams from future year’s event) if any participant/team is seen with alcohol or marijuana/drugs on the race course.
  • Teams reported with alcohol or marijuana/drugs on the race course by two or more teams will also be disqualified!
  • The race course officially closes Saturday at 9:00 PM.
  • Any teams still on the course near that time will be requested by Race Officials to either discontinue the race, or plan on finishing by having more than one teammate run at the same time, called “Leap Frogging.”
  • All teams are seeded to finish before the course officially closes, provided your team has supplied honest race pace times.
  • Exchanges 33-35 could begin to close before 8:30pm if crews have been instructed to do so.
  • No traffic or police monitors are promised to protect runners and walkers from traffic along the course.
  • Great care and awareness of surroundings must be exercised at all times by participants and team vehicles.
  • Participants must travel along the left side of the road shoulder or sidewalk (unless otherwise instructed), and obey all Oregon traffic laws and signals.
  • Teams are required and responsible for supplying an adequate first aid kit to treat: blisters, abrasion, headaches, heat exhaustion, and other common ailments. 
  • We strongly recommend bringing a cooler filled with ice (remember R.I.C.E: Rest Ice Compression Elevation).

Every Exchange Leader running the overall operations of the exchange and overseeing the exchange volunteers has a radio for urgent needs.

There are also ham radio operators at Exchanges 1-7,  and Exchanges 17-35 to assist.

If you see anyone in need of assistance, please get their race number, and if possible, let the Exchange Leader with a radio know at the next Exchange Point. Exchange Leaders are wearing a bright official HTC polo and cap for identification. They are capable of bringing in full emergency EMS, Fire, or Law Enforcement agency response as necessary.

In case of emergency, (Start, on course roads, or at Finish), it is each participant/team’s responsibility to seek their own appropriate medical/emergency care. (Remember to write in your emergency medical info where provided on the back of your race bib!)

  • It could be another hot, dry summer! Each team vehicle is to carry a fire extinguisher, shovel, and gallon of water.
  • No aid stations are guaranteed along the course.
  • Participants are strongly urged to carry large containers of water in team vehicles!
  • Remind your teammates to continuously hydrate (before/during/after walking).



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