Hood To Coast Taiwan DECEMBER 7, 2019

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December 7, 2019 – Luye Gaotai (Taitung County) → Kenting National Park, Taiwan

The 38th annual Hood To Coast Relay, located in Oregon, is the most popular relay race in the world annually drawing participants from over 40 countries. Known as the Mother of All Relays, the event takes 12-member relay teams 199 miles from the iconic top of Mount Hood to the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. The event has sold-out on opening day of registration for 21 consecutive years, and annually places another 40,000 hopeful participants on a wait list.

The 3rd annual BMW Hood To Coast Taiwan Relay brings the iconic adventure to Taiwan, which must be accomplished at least once in a lifetime! This isn’t just an opportunity to run, it is an epic, memorable challenge and adventure with friends, family, and co-workers.

The BMW HTC Taiwan Relay became the second international Hood To Coast event, and promises to be another top of the line, scenically gorgeous, unforgettable relay adventure! Nature and amazing memories await five-member teams traveling in a vehicle over a stunning 110 miles rural course. The race begins in Luye Gaotai, south of Taipei, in Taitung County, adjacent to Dulan Forest. Runners traverse through rolling terrain, farmlands, and plenty of coastal views to a festive finish party in the renowned Kenting National Park.


DATE: December 7, 2019
RACE COURSE:  Hood To Coast Taiwan is 110 miles long and is divided into 16 legs. Teams of 5 members will each complete 3 legs in a relay race style; passing a baton between team members at each exchange. See the Course Maps below for current route info.
TOTAL TEAMS: 200 Teams

Course Maps

Course At A Glance


For those traveling internationally to Hood To Coast Taiwan, please find tips and suggestions below. Although traveling to Taiwan for Hood To Coast Taiwan is relatively easy, we may again this year (depending on demand) provide an official 6 day/7 night group sightseeing/hotel/meal travel package which will include travel/accommodation to and from the race, as well as a hired driver and vehicle for your team. (Click here to see what the 2018 group travel looked like)!


Flights are easy and inexpensive to book on traditional travel sites like Expedia, Travelocity, and Kayak. There are many direct flights and 1-stop flights from the United States to Taipei (airport code TPE and/or IATA). Taipei is roughly a 5 hour train ride from the HTC Taiwan Start at Luye Gaotai, in Taitung County. The Finish Area in Kenting National Park is roughly a 9 hour train ride south of Taipei.

HTC recommendations:

Make flight plans to land in Taipei (TPE) based on price, duration of flight, and dates (based on group travel package dates).

Once you have your flight itinerary booked, check your passport to ensure it does not expire within 6 months of your travel. No visa needed to visit Taiwan!

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