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May Movement

This 2020 virtual race series is designed to do what its title suggests: Inspire the World to MOVE! Hood To Coast has long been a brand, style, and personality that has been created by spirited participants from all over the world. Annually, Hood To Coast events host participants from all 50 U.S states and over 40 countries. With the HTC virtual Movement, we aim to host the world. 

Participate in the HTC Movement series by running or walking at your personal convenience, or with a determined and energetic group of friends, family, or colleagues. Register for your virtual race bib, then log your completed 5K, 10K or Half Marathon event, to earn your first HTC Movement medal! You’ll be joined by participants from throughout the world earning your Finisher Bib and Medal.


  1. Register
  2. Print your virtual bib.
  3. Run or walk the distance you chose.
  4. Post about your effort on social media and tag us @htcrelay!
  5. Click complete and celebrate!


REGISTRATION: 5K, 10K  – $25

$5 of each registration will be donated to our May charity of choice – Providence Caregiving Helping Hand Fund. If you would like to make an additional donation, you will be able to do so when you register.


Proceeds benefit Providence Caregiver Helping Hand Fund

Providence caregivers are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with all hands on deck. The resources needed are unprecedented, and the impact on all hospitals and health systems is significant.

Patients and their families are counting on Providence now more than ever, and caregivers are risking their lives to save the lives of others.

The Providence Caregiver Helping Hand Fund helps employees during times of financial crisis. During this coronavirus pandemic, many of our employees are already facing financial hardships within their families and may need help paying for extra child care, utilities, rent, etc. Your gift will help ease the burden on these caregivers who are needed on the front lines of this global health crisis.

For more information on how you can help, visit: ProvidenceFoundations.org/COVID19


DATE: May 1 – June 3rd, 2020
EVENT CATEGORY: Movement Virtual Race Series
RACE COURSE: Anywhere YOU are!



2. Print your virtual bib.

3. Run or walk the distance you chose.

4. Post about your effort on social media and tag us @htcrelay!

5. Click complete and celebrate!


Virtual bib

Medal shipped to your door

Finisher’s bib certificate

Completing a goal

Giving back to a charity

Key Dates

April 22 – Registration Opens

May 1 – June 3 – Run or Walk

June 3 – Registration Closes

June 3 – Final Day to Click “Complete”

June 4 – Medals and Finishers Bibs Mailed out


Q: Can kids run?
A: Yes! We created the HTC Movement Virtual Race Series to be inclusive of anyone who wants to move!

Q: Do I need proof of completion?
A: Nope! We are working on the honor system here. We are here to help you set a goal and reach it at your time.

Q: Do I have to enter a race time?
A: Entering your race data will be optional. If you do enter the information in when you go back to ‘click complete’ then it will be added to your finishers bib certificate!

Q: Is there a group discount?
A: If you are working to get a group of friends or coworkers up and moving we would love to help you with a group discount. Email us at office@htcrelay.com!



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